About Karate Do


Karate is an excellent exercise. It is important for every age group especially for kids & youth . It devlops physical, mental energy, Self-control, Self-confidence & Self Defence in non-violent way.

  • Perfection in Self Defence.
  • Development of hidden power(Chi) in our body & Self-confidence.
  • Development of self-control & positive attitude & Character Building.
  • Development of physical & mental energy and character building.
  • Development ofhealth & discipline lifestyle.
  • Karate utilizesmore than 90% of our body muscles that keeps the bod physically & mentally fit.

AIM of Karate Training

Because of today's busy life schefule, we forget to take good care of our body & health that's why we have to face depression, high blood pressure & other serious disease.

Karate is an excellent exercise. It development hidden powers of our body & increase self confidence. It utilized more than 90% of our body muscles, that keeps the body physically & mentally fit.

If You want to learn karate Please contact at your nearest training centerr of Japan Karate do Hakuakai Organization India